Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Squares all around!

Today, we learned the first steps to making a quilt! Thanks, Laura!!!

Laura Mickler (above), Ball State Graduate and Development Coordinator for her Sigma Kappa Sorority, graciously taught the Wednesday community art class the first stages of making a quilt. We each chose 9, 3"x3" squares of different fabric colors. We then sewed our small squares together to make a 9"x9" square. This square will become part of a large quilt that we will include squares from all of our OTB groups! SO COOL!!! We can't wait to see what the finished product will look like. Here are some sneak peek pictures of our experiences today. Who knew we could all sew!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oceans of Grace

"Oceans of Grace"
Mixed media on canvas
(for sale)

I did this painting for Traders Point Christian Church. It was meant to be a symbol of what God's grace looks like in our lives. Our pastor, Aaron Brockett is doing a four week series on Gods grace called, "Oceans of Grace". Stop by this Sunday to hear the first of this four week series and see my painting in person! 9 am or 11 am

Metaphorically, water is one of the best symbols of God's grace. Water is used as a symbol of our new life in Him beginning with baptism. His forgiveness powerfully washes over us daily. In this work, the depths of our brokenness and sin are shown through establishing a turbulent, textured background using different textiles and papers. Thankfully, our lives don't have to stay in this broken state, which is why the work is overlaid with a calm blue, symbolic of God's grace that washes over us and reminds us that He is in control. He makes everything new.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Acrylic on canvas with textiles
Top painting- 25"x25"
Botton Painting- 24"x36"
Almost 2 years ago, Ryan and I got married under a tree in Eugene, Oregon.

Ode to the Apron

Mixed media on canvas

Check out my series of dresses with aprons. I have always liked aprons and the ones that I own have been given to me by someone special... maybe if I wear them more often the gods of inspired cooking will shine down upon me and help me to cook better.

:) Enjoy (all are for sale!)